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Inovative Sports Nets
K. & M. Sports Nets can make netting to your design or we can design a net to suit your requirements. Made to order, any size, any shape, sporting nets, batting cages, barrier nets, screen protection netting, you name it and we can make it for you. You would be surprised what can be done with netting.

Finest quality, imported Polypropylene netting in a choice of colours, edged where applicable, to give you the customer a finished product that is not only hard wearing, guaranteed to last but looks good as well. "Herculite" is our choice of product when it comes to edging our nets. Strong, durable U. V. resistant "Herculite" is available in various colours and is stitched onto our netting to ensure a truly professional looking completed project.

Sliding Divider Curtains
To divide courts, protect spectators & cover windows etc. Sliding net can be used to divide basketball, tennis or netball courts also for school gyms & halls. Netting can slide to either end & meet in the middle or slide completely to one end or be tensioned & fixed in place. Sliding Divider Curtains
All Saints Catholic Boys College
Outdoor cricket practise nets featuring both tensioned & sliding nets & roof nets fitted. Shield quality cricket turf supplied & laid.
All Saints Catholic Boys College
Indoor Tensioned
Cricket or baseball practise lane with roof netting & shield quality turf supplied & laid. Indoor tensioned Cricket
Fingara Cricket Academy, Sri Lanka
Cricket practise lanes featuring both tensioned netting & sliding nets that can be moved as required to enable the area to be used for functions. Australia's finest quality cricket turf manufactured in Sydney supplied & laid.

Fingara Cricket Academy

Activate Cricket
23 Tennyson Road
Ph. 02 9736 2677

Cricket practise lanes, white netting combining tensioned & sliding nets. Training base for some of Australia's top 1st grade cricketers.

Indoor Beach Volleyball
Fully enclosed tensioned netting with roof netting fitted. Bring the outdoors indoors.

Indoor Beach Vollyball

Indoor Multipurpose
Indoor nets suitable for indoor cricket, netball, indoor soccer, volleyball etc.

Pictured to the right is the indoor multipurpose court set up by K&M Sports Nets in Kambah in the ACT.

Indoor Multipurpose Court - Nets and Carpet

Indoor Cricket Practice
Sliding indoor nets suitable for indoor cricket practice.

Pictured to the right is an indoor cricket practice facility set up by K&M Sports Nets on behalf of the Canterbury Cricket Academy in Christchurch, NZ.

Indoor Cricket Practice Nets - Nets and Carpet

Outdoor Multipurpose
K&M Sports Nets can provide nets & installation suitable for Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Water Polo, Soccer & more.

The multipurpose court on the right is located at Phosphate Hill Mine in QLD.

Outdoor Multipurpose Court - Nets and Carpet

Beach Volleyball
K&M Sports Nets provide netting for indoor beach volleyball facilities.

Pictured to the right is an indoor beach vollyeball court set up in Hornby, New Zealand.

Indoor Beach Volleyball Nets

Golf Nets
K&M Sports Nets supply and install nets for driving ranges.

The towering nets pictured to the right is the golf driving range installed by K&M at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush (venue for the 2000 olympic games).

Golf Nets - Nets and Carpet

Any Purpose
K&M Sports Nets can provide nets for almost any application no matter how large or small.

Pictured to the right is the pond netting K&M Sports Nets set up on behalf of Sydney Airport in NSW.

Outdoor Multipurpose Court - Nets and Carpet



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